Clark County health worker report

The Columbian Published: February 5, 2023, 5:56am

The Nursing Assistant Program and Mindy R. Garcia agreed to an order to reinstate her certified nursing assistant license with conditions. Garcia must comply with a substance use monitoring program. The Nursing Assistant Program summarily suspended the certified nursing assistant license of Blake Matthew Huegel, pending further disciplinary action. The Department of Social and Health Services’ Adult Protective Services determined that Huegel abused a vulnerable adult. The Pharmacy Commission denied the pharmacy assistant application of Debra Sue Seitz. She did not agree to conditions placed on the license. Seitz was convicted of theft, obstructing a law enforcement officer, and making false or misleading statements between 1997 and 2003. The secretary of health ended conditions on the agency affiliated counselor license of Ashley Elyse Jean Kluge. The Pharmacy Commission charged pharmacist Robert M. Baba with unprofessional conduct. In April 2021, Baba was found guilty by general court-martial for dereliction of duty, wrongful use and possession of controlled substances, and theft while at or near Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, in 2020.

The secretary of health denied the home care aide credential application of Shawn Matthew Clarke. Clarke was found to have used the resources of and borrowed money from a former patient without repayment. The secretary of health ended probation on the agency affiliated counselor license of Catherine Lenore Warner. The Certified Counselor and Substance Use Disorder Programs ordered that the certified counselor and substance use disorder professional license of Jesse Allen James be placed on at least 24 months probation. James may not engage in solo practice as a counselor for 24 months, must pay a $500 fine, submit to quarterly review, and complete 12 hours of continuing education in the area of law and ethics. In 2021, James was found by audit to have inaccurately recorded time spent with patients. The Nursing Commission charged licensed practical nurse Simon Peter Walusimbi with unprofessional conduct. In 2022, Walusimbi was convicted of failing to perform the duties of a driver (property damage) in the state of Oregon. The secretary of health ordered Tim Matlock to stop engaging in massage therapy in Washington. He does not hold a credential to practice as a massage therapist and never has in Washington.

The Agency Affiliated Counselor and Substance Use Disorder Professional Programs and Rachel Johnson agreed to an order that suspends her substance use disorder professional trainee and agency affiliated counselor licenses. Johnson had a romantic relationship with a patient at the corrections facility where she worked and conducted herself inappropriately.

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